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Studio 5:Self-Made

We are inviting individuals or collaborations to host a self-directed CI (or CI-related) session in Studio 5 at London Contact Festival 2024. This is an opportunity to explore and develop your practice or ideas with a participant group of up to 15 people.
You might focus on skills, somatic experience, or creative strategies - or explore critical topics in relation to social justice, equality inclusion or identity.

We are offering two slots for self-directed proposals during the festival: Friday 5th July (15:00-17:00) and Saturday 6th (14:00-16:00).
Studio 5 is a ~6x7 Sqm space at Goldsmiths University and will be used as a space for rest, discussion and collaborative experiment during London Contact Festival.
Proposed 'STUDIO 5 : SELF-MADE' sessions should be 90-120 minutes long.
Hosts of the selected proposals will receive a significant discount for festival participation.
If you are interested in hosting a 'STUDIO 5: SELF-MADE' session, send a 300 word long session outline, and a short biog of max 150 words per facilitator to by Friday 10th of May.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.
The London Contact Festival 2024 team

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